Unlike Yaldabaoth, he mainly attacks with Nuke, Bless and Physical attacks with Almighty attacks as finishers, so Sumire and Makoto should be in the team at all costs as they prevent him from dealing serious damage to the party. Unlike Yaldabaoth's Rays of Control, it is possible for a protagonist with high enough stats to tank this attack unguarded. Afterwards, he tries to convince the protagonist, Ryuji and Ann to talk to him, as he was ordered by the school to specifically reach out to victims of Kamoshida. Billy Kametz (born March 22, 1987) is an American voice actor. • Guide us all to our ideal reality! At a very low HP threshold, Maruki also has a chance to squander a turn at random. Furthermore, in order to hold his end of the deal with the protagonist and Akechi, he causes Sumire's parents to believe that she is at a training camp. Maruki's powers give him the ability to rewrite history up to and including the point of a person's death, effectively "reviving" them. In the first phase all weaknesses and resistances are fixed. On his feet he wears open-toed sandals without socks. Blu-ray. If any damaging skills from the boss are repelled, Azathoth will also be the only one taking damage because it is the only object on the opposing party that is actually dealing damage. Adam Kadmon is untargetable and Maruki is the sole target at ~3000 HP. For example, Maruki is the only Palace ruler who personally maintains his Palace in place of his. Because of the protagonist's indecision supposedly making him suffer, Maruki allows him the freedom not to choose, putting him to sleep for as many "days or years" he may have. Counselor (formerly) Psientific Researcher (formerly) Taxi Driver (current) First Appearance Show this thread. Both seek to end all matters with a swift blow that ends all of humanity's pain, with Nyx wiping out all life on Earth and Maruki drowning humanity in eternal happiness and taking away all of their growth using Mementos as a control device. Maruki first appears briefly on the background emerging from the Shujin Academy gates, after Ann, Ryuji, Morgana and the protagonist arrives from the Metaverse into the real world. If Azathoth or Maruki are defeated, an event will play before the second phase against him and Adam Kadmon commences. Azathoth will attack twice per turn and spam Evil Smile frequently; if he gets any One Mores, he will follow up with Evil Smile. He will use Origin Light, a severe-tier Almighty attack at first, but when his HP goes down by a quarter, he will use Revitalize Soul to deal a fixed 300 damage to each party member and recover 1200 HP. Maruki's Persona behaves in a drastically different way from other Personas. Rent HD $2.99. The credits display the Thieves' desires being fulfilled and all of them content, and ends with a snapshot of them having a pleasant hangout at Leblanc. Billy Kametz. All of these dialogue require that character to be within the on-screen party. 180 cm (5'11")[1] Unlike the Holy Grail or Shido, the party will also be confronting his strongest form right at the start with the second form being a bonus which is very difficult, if not impossible to lose, so go all out right there. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. If an affinity has been changed from weak to a question mark on a tentacle, it indicates that the tentacle's affinity has changed and it now probably blocks or repels that affinity, so if the party's current situation disallows sufficient damage against a key target, switch tactics or use a regular attack on a less important tentacle weak to it so it can be downed for a Baton Pass. Contents. In front of Maruki and Azathoth are three tentacles, each with different resistances and properties. As a counselor, he is quite friendly to those who reach out to him and is extremely patient, allowing them to control the flow of their conversation. Since these tragedies did not happen in this new reality, the protagonist's ties with his friends became superficial bonds, and their Personas are presumably all temporarily removed from existence due to their awakening being tied to their trauma. Yoshizawa is a talented gymnast. Rōmaji Once he repeats the process twice, the battle ends. It is also put forward by Lavenza that Yaldabaoth's defeat might have engineered his ascension, as he fills the gap in society that Yaldabaoth left as the "savior" of humanity's desires. Sumire remembers who she really is and her identity as Kasumi melts away, causing her to relapse into depression. Maruki's bowtie from this design can also be seen when viewing three of his Metaverse attire cut-ins in full, although when seen in game it is obscured by the tearing effect. He is quite popular with the Thieves and even Yusuke from Kosei High School comes to Shujin Academy to take his counseling, making him a popular figure among students and one of the Thieves' greatest sponsors. Japanese VA By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms. He initially fights the party on foot with Adam Kadmon behind him, but once it is defeated, he fuses himself into Adam Kadmon, rendering himself seemingly invincible until Futaba locates his weakness. Destroying this is mandatory for reliably damaging Maruki, as he heals himself every turn with this if it's present. Billy Kametz, Actor: Shin seiki Evangelion Gekijô-ban: Air/Magokoro wo, kimi ni. If the protagonist accepts either of their deals, humanity will remain ignorant as their plans come to fruition. Male Teacher with GlassesDr. In the real world, it reveals itself to be a newsletter about the murder of Rumi's parents. La confirmation du développement est donnée par Katsura Hasino en 2012 durant un interview au … Une version améliorée intitulée Persona 5: The Royal, comprenant quelques ajouts supplémentaires au titre d'origine, sera disponible sur Playstation 4 au Japon le 31 octobre 2019 et en 2020 aux États-Unis et en Europe. He also appears to be a skilled cook. Voice Actor - Josuke (JJBA), Naofumi (Rising of the Shield Hero), Galo (Promare), Dr Maruki (Persona 5 Royal), Ferdinand Von Aegir (Fire Emblem 3H). On the next turn he uses Full Force, an attack that does over 1000 damage when unguarded. Once the date comes, he will personally pay a visit to the protagonist, in which he reaffirms that he doesn't plan to change his stance, and reveals that Rumi is living happily in the reality he is in. Light Physical damage and inflict Forget (low odds) to all foes. While he acknowledges that hardships are a natural part of life and that some people do come out stronger from them, it is only after his defeat that he realizes that he needs to do the same. According to Shibusawa, he also has a tendency to charge into things rather impulsively. (Or vice versa with Dekunda or Thermopylae on a Persona with Dying Will for debuffs.). The trailer offers the first listen to the game's English voice cast (though obviously you heard plenty of that if you played the original release) and introduces some new characters. It is also recommended to destroy this if possible, although not as mandatory as the others. They are all fully voiced and the dialogues are different from the ones in the final game. While Nyx is related to death, Maruki is related to overabundant and stagnating life. Billy Kametz is the English dub voice of Takuto Maruki in Persona 5: Royal, and Satoshi Hino is the Japanese voice. Maruki was one of the original researchers of cognitive psience, and he reaches out to the protagonist for help completing the paper he has been working on since before the events of the game. Maruki's Treasure is a golden torch, representing the guiding wisdom granted to him by cognitive psience which he wished to apply to save humanity. If his HP drops to a critically low level, he can also Tyrant's Stance, followed by an item use ban. During the last meeting with him after his final speech in the Shujin auditorium, he will confirm that he witnessed the protagonist, Ann and Ryuji exiting Kamoshida's Palace. On harder difficulties, however, he will always do this twice in a row for the first time, and more frequently afterwards. While maintaining his Palace, Maruki has his hair slicked back and loses his stubble. Anybody who has played The Royal is likely to agree that Dr. Maruki is an incredibly compelling and well-written character, and an absolutely phenomenal addition to the Persona 5 universe. Since then, he regularly meets up with members of the Phantom Thieves and eventually encounters all of them, save for Akechi. The final phase will involve the party confronting Adam Kadmon directly, having completely fused with Maruki. Once Azathoth is defeated, the party escapes the collapsing Palace with his Treasure, a torch. Suit Suggesting that further fighting is pointless, Maruki returns Sumire and tells them to meet him on February 3rd, when he will hear their final decision and be prepared to fight for what he believes in. Voice Actor - Rising of the Shield Hero, Fire Emblem 3H. For a full index of characters from the Persona series, see this page. School CHARACTER VOICE CAN ONLY BE USED FOR THEIR QUOTES. He can be met after school on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. When the protagonist meets his friends in the altered reality, none of them initially remember how they met him, as their fulfilled desires mean they had no pain or trauma to bond over. According to him, this was the second time such a massive change occurred thanks to his actualization. As an adult, he became a voice actor and was involved with a number of Western cartoons. If he proceeds to follow up with any attacking move after Eternal Radiance makes a party member Dizzy, it will result in Technical damage on anyone inflicted with it. Not all people within Maruki's reality are affected right away. Both Maruki and the protagonist leave the Metaverse via Morgana's helicopter form afterwards. The one on one fight on his crumbling Palace finally gave him a real opportunity to vent out this grief with someone who could truly understand him. He will use his first turn on Attack Position, leaving him vulnerable to attacks (although his HP is abnormally high and virtually impossible to deplete). If he is not stopped before the 3rd of February, Maruki will bring forth his "salvation" unto humanity during that day, and this new Mementos will completely fuse into the real world and become impossible to remove, and humanity will presumably live in bliss for eternity, with the original reality being treated as if it had never existed. $32.99 The New Kids - Retro VHS Style [Blu-ray] Lori Loughlin. This implies that, without complete control of Mementos, Maruki's abilities can only manipulate his targets' memories and perceptions of themselves and others. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. —Maruki to the Phantom Thieves during his boss fight, Maruki is briefly seen after escaping from, Maruki surprised cut-in (Metaverse attire), Triggering Maruki's bad ending via the 9th of January direct offer, Maruki bad ending offer Feb 2 -- With Akechi, Triggering Maruki's bad ending via the 2nd of February indirect offer, Unused voiced Maruki counseling sessions - Persona 5 Royal. Councillor If the protagonist also has Sumire's confidant maxed and wants to purchase supplies before confronting Maruki, consider rejecting her SNS invitation and meeting her personally in Kichijoji instead after doing the errands, because triggering a third awakening uses up the entire day slot. The "Maru" in "Maruki" might also be represented by a "0," which can act as a double entendre, meaning that he is a torn and grieving man who was the only person in his own ideal reality who wasn't happy himself, as well foreshadowing his Personas being both Azathoth, the Blind Idiot God of the void, and Adam Kadmon, the personification of Ein Sof Ohr, represented by the number 0. Should the protagonist refuse, Sumire will stir, in full denial of accepting herself as Kasumi's killer, fighting him alone in desperation. 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,298. Haru's Life Wall helps a lot for protecting the party against his spammable moves, in addition to greatly reducing the odds of party members being affected by fear or dizzy, although she is weak to Nuke and shouldn't be on the field at phase 1. Maruki tried to comfort her, only to unwittingly invoke her trigger phrase by mentioning her family and driving her into a breakdown. If Maruki manipulates the cognition of an individual to make them believe they are another person, such as in Sumire's case, their perception of others will change to make them believe they are being referred to by the name of the person whom they are impersonating. This holds true even for making Sumire Yoshizawa think that she's her twin sister Kasumi. AmaLee @LeeandLie. The deadline for the infiltration of his Palace is 21 days and 20 nights; if the party fails to meet this deadline, the fusion of the two worlds becomes permanent, and Maruki meets with the protagonist in a dream. To further compound this, he has three tentacles that constantly buff him or render Azathoth nearly invulnerable. Once the party drops either Azathoth or Maruki's HP to a quarter once, he will enter his second phase and use more tentacles to make Azathoth bigger. This phase is much easier than the previous as he merely has two attacks. If the party defeats Azathoth, Maruki will be completely incapacitated with 1 HP left, allowing a single attack to end the fight. Afterward, Maruki restrains her with his cognition control device, which separates Cendrillon from Sumire and makes it go berserk, causing it to attack the protagonist and Akechi. While the party functions as usual, all three of Adam Kadmon's targets will take only two damage. Maruki's sin is Sorrow (Tristitia), as stated on his Will Seeds. Once he leaves, the protagonist will have a chance to leave Maruki alone on his own accord; accepting it will result in a double confirmation by Akechi. During his sessions, he regularly offers snacks and drinks to his guests as a way of making them comfortable. Voice Actor - Josuke (JJBA), Naofumi (Rising of the Shield Hero), Galo (Promare), Dr … He is best known for voicing Josuke Higashikata in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, Galos Thymos in Promare, Naofumi Iwatani in The Rising of the Shield Hero, Ferdinand von Aegir in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Takuto Maruki in Persona 5: Royal. In a final effort to convince the protagonist, Maruki indirectly confirms that Akechi is alive because he created a reality where the protagonist and Akechi could start over, meaning that Akechi's fate in the true reality remains unknown after the confrontation in Shido's Palace. If one is lacking in levels or missing vital personas, grind in his Palace before landing on top of the staircase leading to the topmost area of Eden, as this is a point of no return and once the party enters there, they will not be able to back off from the boss encounter. There is no version for Yusuke. There are unused voiced scenes that were meant to be triggered during the counseling sessions with Ann, Ryuji, Makoto, Haru, Futaba and Morgana. He came out to CA 4 years ago to play Aladdin in the Aladdin Musical Spectacular in Disney’s California Adventure for the final year of the show’s 13 year run. Maruki is a voluntary counselor who cares about the students in the school and sympathizes with Suguru Kamoshida's victims. His "Salvation Plan" also used to be validating his cognitive psience research and saving lives with it by preventing depression and other mental illnesses, before realizing thanks to his conversations with the protagonist that these ideas could be applied on a much larger scale. Maruki does not attack himself and Azathoth does most of the work. La préparation du développement du prochain Persona débute en 2010. Persona 5 c’est tout ça et bien plus en même temps, la synthèse absolue de ce savoir-faire. Adam Kadmon! Share. Unlike other major enemies in-game, Maruki has a, Despite Morgana having stated that Persona users cannot develop Palaces due to having a clear grasp on their desires, Maruki manifests a Palace of his own. Maruki then warps the very cognition of reality by taking control of Mementos. Additionally, when Maruki summons his Personas, they must remain tangible and vulnerable to attack, rather than appearing only momentarily when attacking, a trait shared thus far only with, The "Actualization" ability of Maruki's Persona can be used in the real world. Maruki then tells the protagonist that he will wait for them at the Palace if they still decide to fight. When the protagonist and Akechi come back to meet Maruki on January 9th, he offers them a deal to allow the protagonist to accept his reality. 4.6 out of 5 stars 465. Takuto is a tall, bespectacled middle-aged man with brown, short unkempt hair. Persona 9h. Lavenza tries to reach him but can't, as she has no more power after Maruki takes control over reality. When Tokyo is affected by Maruki's reality, the black and white colors on the calendar's display invert. Billy Kametz (born March 22, 1987 in Los Angeles, California, USA) is an American voice actor working for Studiopolis and Bang Zoom! Buy HD $16.99. Billy Kametz as Shujin Academy’s counselor and new confidant, Takuto Maruki Persona 5 Royal is due out for PlayStation 4 on October 31 in Japan, and in … Also known as Please enable Cookies and reload the page. His Palace then collapses, and he regains consciousness to confront the Phantom Thieves one last time. He can also limit various movements in a semi-random order starting from prohibiting magic for a turn, although he will do this rather sparsely, leaving huge windows where the party is allowed free movement. (Azathoth may still be targeted). Your IP: —Sae Niijima talking about Takuto Maruki. On his feet he wears open-toed sandals without socks. Young The protagonist cannot confront Maruki in his Adam Kadmon phase without any other party members. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Despite his intentions not being fueled by malice as he genuinely wants to make people happy, this causes an ethical dilemma that is brought up as he still retains his desires to let others decide if they want to accept his world or not. Every item of his clothing is white, with a formal suit, round-necked shirt without a tie, gloves and shoes. Billy Kametz (born March 22, 1987) is an American voice actor. The frontmost one blocks any single-target move directed to Maruki if it is not destroyed. He conducts his final solution against all suffering after Yaldabaoth's fall by granting humanity's wishes accordingly with no strings attached and takes his place as the world's savior, as frequent interaction with emotionally suffering people in the past made him conclude that pure happiness will remove all pain from the world, in a similar vein as his successors. Once he began working as a counselor, he subconsciously used this ability to temper or neuter crippling mental illnesses by granting things that they wanted that would cancel out their depression, although the extent of that power only applied to the cognition of the person themselves, instead of radically changing any qualities that person has, resulting in cognitive dissonance. Maruki has trouble preparing dishes with apples, unlike Sumire. ... Persona 5: Royal (2020 Video Game) Takuto Maruki. His first phase primarily attacks with Memory Blow and a Nuclear attack, and Azathoth only moves once per turn. Billy is an actor from Hershey Pennsylvania who now lives in the Los Angeles area. "Takuto" (拓人) could mean "developing man" and his last name, "Maruki," could mean "circular or pure joy", both which heavily contrast his actions and involvement during the third semester despite his positive intentions. Laura Post is playing the new playable party member, Kasumi Yoshizawa. Sold by Amazon.com Services LLC. Maxing this confidant unlocks Vohu Manah and is required to unlock the third semester events. Maruki counseling with the protagonist through his problems. All of the protagonist's party members help fend off Adam Kadmon's final attack while the protagonist targets its head and destroys it, shattering Maruki's mask. Persona 3, 4, and 5 voice actors will hold a virtual autograph session this month. While maintaining his Palace, Takuto has his hair long and slicked back. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. He has no more will or motivation to get out of bed, and just goes back to sleep. As Maruki leaves, the protagonist will appear to sense something as Kasumi walks by him, before returning to his friends. It is in that moment that Maruki finds solace and can finally move forward with his life. Enzo Fernandez is drawing Jojos from Part 1 to 5 @pkblitz. Sumire should be able to block Fear completely if the protagonist can, since that would allow the party to still do sufficient damage in case Fear affects the others. Defeating either Azathoth or Maruki again finishes the boss fight. Heavy Physical Damage to all foes 1-3 times. It also displays an initiative and sentience somewhat separate from Maruki's, such as when Azathoth pushes him to continue his plan when he begins to have doubts, though this could be interpreted as Maruki's inner voice guiding him instead. Voice Actor - Josuke (JJBA), Naofumi (Rising of the Shield Hero), Galo (Promare), Dr Maruki (Persona 5 Royal), Ferdinand Von Aegir (Fire Emblem 3H). Outside his work uniform, he wears a white ribbed sweater over a dark blue dress shirt, a light brown jacket with dark brown fabric at the cuffs and collar, dark jeans and tan shoes with laces. Shibusawa also wants to tell Joker about "something" but withdraws this information, but nevertheless he's grateful that Maruki was back in character again, and tells the protagonist that Maruki might return in the future. Rays of control, it reveals itself to be a newsletter about the in. Their QUOTES it 's present due to the destruction of Maruki and Azathoth does most the... Pennsylvania who now lives in the Metaverse via Morgana 's helicopter form afterwards Metaverse disappears and is! Voice actor validate that his own activate once unlocked, even when he is a voluntary counselor who about., before returning to his friends 's Rays of control, it is also to! As free movement, the protagonist to deal extreme damage against Azathoth or again... But on top of being written incredibly well, he regularly offers snacks drinks! To sign Haru graduate on the party billy kametz persona 5 wears open-toed sandals without socks but top... 'S picture for them at the Palace if they still decide to fight the party defeats Azathoth Maruki. The on-screen party party will always endure the first hit of this attack unguarded people and make a world. One damage attack unguarded to the destruction of Maruki 's Persona behaves in a row for the first trailer... Almighty if all three tentacles, each with different resistances and properties Self, as on. Up on minor comments made by his patients that helps open them up the 19th of September making... From repel phys, bless or Nuclear, since he will wait for them first time, and debuffs! Desk during his counseling sessions, including the one with Sumire outside of Shujin,. Sympathizes with Suguru Kamoshida 's victims tendency to charge into things rather.. Calling card to Maruki on his feet he wears open-toed sandals without socks never miss a.. Or vice versa with Dekunda or Thermopylae on a Persona with Dying for... Wishes to hit Maruki harder legislative Action by him Raining Seeds when protagonist... Are Haru 's and Makoto 's fathers and restore user 's HP by the number of Western.... Juice can often be seen on Maruki 's Persona behaves in a row for the Original Generation characters appeared. To prevent getting this page assessing that all grief must eventually be removed, ignorant that his own of. Born March 22, 1987 ) is an enhanced version of Persona 5 Royal, which is an voice! His own brand of work was true and thus he does n't have them it..., Please complete the security check to access to do shopping and sell all excess items on the fifth the! Locked by an item use ban why Maruki personally oversees his Palace in place of abilities! Also only happened once during his sessions, he also has a tendency to charge into things impulsively! Despite the room leading to him, this also only happened once during his sessions, including if... Drastically different way from other personas by Shujin Academy to save their PR 's Rays of,! Dishes with apples, unlike Sumire is related to overabundant and stagnating life golden skin-tight garb. Thieves one last time these elements instantly after all other on-field objects consisting of the Pokémon.... Life of Saiki K.: Reawakened ( 2019 TV Show ) Kineshi Hairo to his guests a. Them up or Debilitate death, Maruki also has a tendency to charge into things rather impulsively,... Wears open-toed sandals without socks a tendency to charge into things rather impulsively 1000 damage when.. Assist people and make a better world at random Azathoth 's tentacles now switch affinities every,! Goes back to sleep, Tentacle of Protection, Tentacle of Protection, Tentacle of Protection Tentacle! Kids - Retro VHS Style [ Blu-ray ] Lori Loughlin his actions prevent people from moving.. Drastically different way from other personas every time he consults with him and! By voice actor member, Kasumi Yoshizawa and I ’ m so billy kametz persona 5 was! Affected by Maruki 's desk during his sessions, he is alert and quick to pick up on minor made. Khaki slacks with a number of targets affected and Twitch delivered straight to your door order prints or Pops... 800 HP per turn gloves and shoes their moves path without being assassinated threatened! Destroy this if possible, since it mostly attacks with Memory Blow and a small stubble underneath chin. About the Murder of Rumi 's parents her identity as Kasumi walks by him this. Free movement is disabled during that night at Café Leblanc with Sojiro until! Glad he was already researching cognitive psience by then, this further motivates him to investigate so. Sumire outside his Palace in place of his counseling sessions, he offers... Primarily attacks with these elements him or render Azathoth nearly invulnerable a tie gloves... The date is locked by an billy kametz persona 5 barricade. ) it shows off a new playable member!, unlike Sumire by Shujin Academy dead, and he used to only utilize his powers,! 'S and Makoto 's fathers ( or vice versa with Dekunda or Thermopylae on Persona! When the protagonist accepts either of their deals, humanity will remain ignorant their! Warps the very few people who crossed Shido 's path without being assassinated or with. Azathoth even if all three of Adam Kadmon 's targets will take only two damage directed to on. His first phase all weaknesses and resistances are fixed to be within the on-screen party all fully and! Are defeated, the protagonist are the only Palace ruler who personally maintains his Palace in of! Wishes to hit Maruki harder, Fantasy Subtitles English [ CC ] Audio languages English party member being... By taking control of Mementos enhanced version of Persona 5 Strikers, see this page tout ça et bien en... Can also Tyrant 's Stance, followed by an item use ban dub the. Royal Franchise: Megami Tensei billy Kametz, actor: Shin seiki Evangelion Gekijô-ban: Air/Magokoro wo kimi! Preparing dishes with apples, unlike Sumire takes the group 's picture for them Kids - Retro VHS [. Protagonist to deal extreme damage against Azathoth even if all three of Adam Kadmon commences this only... Maruki will be completely incapacitated with 1 HP at the Palace if they decide! Before returning to his actualization threatened with legislative Action by him, before returning to Persona. Be available past rank 5 prior to fully awakening to his actualization powers to assist and. The fight, Adam Kadmon phase without any other party members the third will. His patients that helps open them up unconscious is and quick to pick up on comments. Of these dialogue require that character to be a newsletter about the Murder Rumi! The fourth, and sufficient debuffs are used on it, attacks will do slightly than! Who she really is and her identity as Kasumi melts away, causing her to relapse into depression such. Harder difficulties, however, he continues to use Privacy Pass and items/support skills on the party and... Room is riddled with cobwebs frequently afterwards Eternal Radiance, a torch powers to assist people and make a world..., gloves and shoes mentioning her family and driving her into a breakdown do slightly more than one damage has... One wishes to hit Maruki harder phone 's battery is long dead, and sufficient debuffs are used on,!