I emphatically do not think prior episodes have been “too political” though it looks like Season 5 is playing it a bit safer in this regard. Duolingo Korean Review – Should You Use It? First and foremost it’s a dictionary, but most things like “past”, “imperfect”, “indicative”, and “subjective” have a question mark that leads to an explanation page as to how it works. I’ve heard Korean dramas are getting incredibly popular too, so if anyone’s trying to learn Korean, that’s a good way to go. Let’s take a deeper look at how Duolingo is a useful language learning app. So if you get all the way through it, you’ll be able to communicate. Hello, we provide concise yet detailed articles on "Review Choices: Duolingo - Duolingo French Review" topic. As you get to know the characters and all the twists and turns of the plot, novelas provide a rich context, which helps comprehension. And in case you've decided from this that it's not a good fit, I encourage you to come back next week, since I'll be providing another in-deth review of Mango Languages for homeschool language learning. The goals to achieve makes me think about some addictive games that I used to play before (whether they were apps or online games). It even offers courses in three constructed languages (perfect for brushing up on your Esperanto or High Valyrian). There is a dreadful child's voice now which is totally demeaning for adult learners. Well, remember, nothing is really free. This is actually a very recent modification; it used to have Legend of Zelda style hearts, and if you lose all three of your hearts, you had to start the whole lesson all over again. Instigators of so much awkwardness and discomfort. And I can kinda see why they did it this way, as the early lessons present just a couple words at a time, instead of lengthy, tricky sentences. I find it a little too fast for my taste and sometimes. When I was learning Spanish I had the advantage of growing up in a city (San Antonio, Texas) where Spanish can be heard almost everywhere. Duolingo covers them, but they’ll do it with exercises, without telling you what’s going on and why. | Duolingo French Review. Why can’t we just pronounce the words the way it is written?! Loved your review. I need someone to tell me if I’m progressing correctly and not reinforcing mistakes. However, Duolingo uses English to teach French, and most of the exercises are based on English-French translation and vice-versa. So instead of bombarding you with highly-focused, rapid-fire verb conjugations drills, it’ll give you full sentences, which, in the case of the sentence above, would be 90% useless. As most of you know, French and English are two completely different languages. I like to personally test every tool I advise my students to use, and today, it’s time for Duolingo French review! Duolingo is not a new thing on the internet. This means that you will have almost no information regarding the grammar used to form the sentences you are learning. Yes, the vast majority of them are horrific, trite and melodramatic, or ridiculously corny (or let’s just say ‘culturally specific humor’). This cuts down on annoying smartphone typing (although it still has some), which makes the app a lot more usable than I was expecting: The app also synchronizes with your desktop/laptop account, so you can work on it at home, and picked up where you left off while you’re out. You won’t want to miss an episode. Thank you for the post, greeting from the other side of the world. But I wouldn’t know where to begin.” And I tell them to start using Duolingo. However, I’m impressed. If you studied a foreign language back in high school, you might remember terms like subjunctive, preterite, imperfect, conditional, pluperfect, and their billion iterations when it comes to verb conjugation. Well, I did it off and on for about 2 years, but I ran through the last 1/3 of the lessons in about 2 weeks. I probably couldn’t stand to watch even the good telenovelas if they were in English or my Spanish skills were better. Those beginner exercises use much shorter sentences, consisting of maybe 2 to 5 words, which makes iteration super speedy. overflow:hidden;padding:10px 5px;word-break:normal;}
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), Your email address will not be published. The exercises are pretty basic, and you are only given some tips before starting them. If you’re a parent, you might want to be careful with that because who knows what kind of ads your child might see. According to most French learners, they will mostly struggle with these specific points below: What makes it so difficult? Got it? So, let us first list down all of the pros that this language learning app has to offer! Duolingo geeft een korting van 60% voor een abonnement van 12 maanden. With our free mobile app or web and a few minutes a day, everyone can Duolingo. Side note: Why is French so hard to pronounce for beginners? I saw the website has a lot more detail so I may need to switch over there when conjugations get more difficult. It reads, with a human voice, each word but NOT each sentence. Read More » But, of course, it’s just supposed to be a hint, so you shouldn’t rely on it all the time. There’s also a lot of Spanish-language programming online; not just TV shows from Spain or Latin America, but also programs from the US changed into Spanish. I've used Duolingo to learn Spanish, German and Swedish. English is a Germanic language, whereas French a Romance language. Yes, Duolingo is a free app, which is great! About a week later, they write back to say they’re loving it. But that is all depending on how seriously you will take your lessons and how much effort you are willing to put in them. I gave up on French and went on to finish Spanish and Portuguese. Basically, if you listen to the same word or phrase repeated after a certain amount of time, you are supposedly able to repeat it and thus, know the proper pronunciation. They’ve currently got Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Irish, Danish, and Swedish, and are in the process of adding several more. Have you heard about Duolingo before? It’s been on the scene since 2012 and offers instruction in 35 different languages. | Read 21-40 Reviews out of 324 I do not get it! You mentioned wishing that you could “mute” it, and you actually can through the settings. I’d also like to work on my Russian, which is still rather appalling (and Duolingo says they’ll add that later this year), but in the meantime, there’s another site called Babbel which has Russian lessons, and I think I’ll give that a try and see how it compares, and add some thoughts here (Update: Here’s my Babbel review!). If you are into language learning, you might already know that it is not only important to speak and write, but also to think in that specific language. The best men’s underwear for every guy out there, What NOT to Pack: 21 Carry-On Travellers Share their Packing Mistakes, The one problem no Lifestraw review ever mentions. So in the end I think with the combination of these tools it’s entirely feasible to get to conversational level in a new language with less than an hour a day in under a couple months. I don’t know of any for other languages (I’m only doing spanish) but for both french and spanish, I believe that explanations work in telling how the words function since they are rather similar. There are four different “e” options and I literally have no idea which is which. June 23, 2017 ... Pimsleur, or Duolingo, but the company definitely has its own dedicated following of language learners. Na de berekening van 60% kost het dus € 5,59 kosten. It sometimes identifies your mistake specifically, especially if it’s just a word or two. It’s really inspired me to get cracking on learning that second language. We also get your email address to automatically create an account for you in our website. I’m using Duolingo and Fluent Forever on Ankidroid. Listen to episodes of the French Duolingo podcast for compelling, true-life stories that improve your French listening and comprehension skills. If they just fired off phrases for you to translate like “I go, he goes, she goes, we go, they go,” and then repeated that cycle a few times, then switched to the opposite language, and repeated that cycle a few times as well, it would drill those words in a lot faster, and then it could progress to the typical, full-sentence exercises. The exception to that is the languages you learn in your childhood – I can still speak Malay and Chinese fluently, even though it’s been years since I really use them extensively. Sign-up is free, use is free. Each of those sections is further subdivided into 2 to 10 lessons, like this: Each of those lessons includes 20 actual exercises (of one sentence each), so you can get a sense of the scale. Read Eytan’s ultralight packing list. It’s designed to be fun for everyone, but you can easily just ignore those elements if you don’t care. It doesn’t work so well with sitcoms or other fiction, because you’re missing the original pronunciation and performance of the actor, but History Channel en Español is just great. So if you’re wondering if it’s possible to learn a whole language just from a simple app, I would say the answer is an emphatic yes. But even if you stop there, it’ll still be a decent framework for getting by with it, if not necessarily saying things correctly every time. Announcing my first-ever product collaboration! Imagine how difficult it is to have a conversation when you’re trying to remember which of these 34 verb conjugations is correct, and then saying the wrong one and ending up with a ridiculous miscommunication fiasco. What are nasal vowels? Spanish from Mexico is significantly different than Spanish from Spain, from its slang terms, grammar structure, accents, and more. But yes, it’ll work. Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. So HA! For this reason, I would say that if you’re in a huge rush to learn basic “survival” phrases really quickly in a short period of time, I would actually recommend not using Duolingo. Something I definitely couldn’t have done after a year of high school German. Before you decide to start your journey with Duolingo French, here are a few things that you could expect from it: As much fun as Duolingo is, there are also some things that you should not expect from it, such as: Now that you have all this in mind, let’s continue…. What makes it so difficult? This means that you will have almost no information regarding the grammar used to form the sentences you are learning. I think it’s because sometimes there might be multiple verbs that would qualify as correct translations, so they can’t have just a single conjugate button at the bottom. If you are interested in learning new languages, there’s a chance that you have come across Duolingo. I’m still going through it, so I’ll update this article with comments about it as I progress, but it already looks like a great update.). If you’re planning on using Duolingo to learn a Latin-based Romance language, such as Spanish or French, the worst part of all this is going to be verb conjugation. Duolingo’s audio system for French is actually good. I would say Duolingo does (at the moment) have a few shortcomings, the most significant of which are its lack of basic “survival” phrases upfront, a lack of sufficient explanations for complex grammatical concepts, and a lack of repetitive drills; I would recommend resolving these issues by Googling important survival phrases if necessary, Googling explanations of complex grammatical concepts whenever you need more detail, and conducting those repetitive drills on your own. Unlike in English, French has some aspects that, French spelling and silent letters (you don’t write exactly what you, Duolingo’s audio system for French is actually good. I was able to get by, though I definitely need more practice on the later sections. And I’m happy to say I’ve finally finished all the French lessons on Duolingo, from start to finish, with no previous French experience whatsoever, and was awarded this digital golden owl trophy as a reward: I’ve been recommending Duolingo to everyone who mentions language learning ever since I first heard of it, which usually goes something like “Man, I’d love to learn another language. It takes up lots of time, but only 10% of it was spent learning the new verb form. If you’ve never tried Duolingo before, this is how a typical lesson goes like. There is a dreadful child's voice now which is totally demeaning for adult learners. I decided to refresh my French and came back to see the "new NEW tree" as Ive seen it referred too in the forum. My problem with Duolingo is what happens after you finish the skills tree. In that sense, Duolingo's new French-English language podcast might be right on the money. The idea is to tell stories by native French speakers with narration by an English-speaking host. This can be great to understand and focus on. But that sentence had 10 words in it, and only 1 of them (goes) was the verb you needed to practice. Some answers should be accepted. After many years of offering free language courses to students of popular modern languages such as French, Spanish, Chinese, and German, and to people interested in learning rather more obscure languages such as Esperanto, Klingon, High Valyrian, and Navajo, Duolingo added a Latin course. They are vowels that you are going to pronounce using your nose, such as: These vowels are challenging because they don’t exist in the English language. Alright, let’s get started.”. However, you will learn vocabulary and a lot of it. The quickest way to describe the differences between them would be… Duolingo is best for casual learners who may want to dabble in a few different languages, may struggle with staying motivated, or aren’t willing to spend money. A thorough Duolingo review after finishing all of French.


Like what you want to happen, or what would be sad if it were to happen. So if you find yourself running into grammatical difficulties like these, just look them up elsewhere. Would love your thoughts, please comment. The fact that the app looks (and feels) like a game is making it really fun to use. What Difficulties will a Native English Speaker Encounter in Learning French? Even with some grammar notes clearly outlined in every module there is still a necessity for native speakers to answer a multitude of questions in the comments on individual exercises. However, when you find the rare well-done one, it is engaging to the point of addiction. You have given me some great suggestions for moving forward. Learn how your comment data is processed. Tiny accent mark letters. Listening to French speakers will help you notice that the French R is actually not a very strong sound. It’s a fun and somehow addictive way to learn languages. You might find this important to know that there is. I’ll do a longer post on it all when I eventually get thru them and can spachen die Deutsch. Numbers, days of the week, months of the year, seasons, and so on. During the exercises, you also have the option to tap on the words and see the exact translation in English (which can be a great way to spot prepositions and adverbs): You might find this important to know that there is very little grammar explanation before each lesson. We purchased these bottles for a long trip. How to Master French Verbs Conjugation Easily? This was one of my biggest complaints about the service, and it has been immensely improved! I don’t have access to the app on a smartphone (mines a brick), but I think that if the settings are changeable on the computer, it should be possible on the app (don’t take my word). When you hover over an English word to get its translation, it’ll show you the word, but it won’t tell you the gender, meaning you have a 50% chance of getting the entire question wrong, sometimes because of just a single letter. Besides, it will eventually teach you everything you need to know; I just think it would have been somewhat more practical to place a few basic introductory phrases up front, before anything else. And since it can tell you when you’ve made a mistake, you can see the correct answer immediately, so you won’t pick up bad habits and cement them for years before someone corrects you. also post in in my blog. Normaal zou het €14,49 kosten. (The silent ‘s’ is the worst.) The French tree goes through regular updates, so you can learn more vocabulary and have up-to-date content, which is a big bonus. I couldn’t understand much, but I knew what it was supposed to sound like. I like watching documentaries in Spanish, for the practice. And yeah, the website is a little more in-depth, but I think that’s appropriate for bigger screens and keyboards. For languages that have a different writing system, like Japanese, Russian, or Korean, language apps can be an excellent way to learn. You should receive a confirmation email shortly. SO TRUE! If they’re sharing iPads, they would need to sign in individually to their own account, and sign out afterwards so the next student can sign in. You will be able to select a story, listen and read it, but also answer some quizzes. […]. vertical-align:top}
I still need subtitles, though…. Well, remember, nothing is really free. If I hadn’t known it already from Spanish (since a lot of the grammar is the same), I think it would have been far more difficult. After all, they do offer Duolingo Plus, which is a paid version of the app, that allows you to enjoy it without all of the ads. It is produced by the back of your tongue (and not the throat!) I’m very grateful to Duolingo for giving me this chance for self-enrichment without spending money I couldn’t spare. I’ve listed the most useful information to share with you, French learners, in case you were thinking about downloading Duolingo French. Hopefully some of the powers that be will read the Forum comments and latest reviews so that thigs can be put right. This is also one of the most noticeable things in the app: inaudible audio. The main issue with it, outside of the “robotic” effect, is that the pronunciation is sometimes too fast, and it makes it unclear to learners: pauses between words are too short, words are pronounced too fast and it doesn’t take into account syllable timing and stresses. Sometimes they are all of those things at the same time. .tg .tg-baqh{text-align:center;vertical-align:top}
There should be a silent mode. I have a working knowledge of Spanish, but had literally negligible knowledge of French when I started using Duolingo for French about two months ago, in preparation for a vacation to Paris that starts in a couple of weeks. Take a look at how many variations there are, just for a single verb, in past, present, and future: That’s a total of 34 variations, just for one verb. It is clear that this sound doesn’t exist in many languages. It gets incredibly frustrating, and Duolingo mostly won’t help, other than just telling you that you’re wrong. As you progress in your language learning journey with Duolingo, you will find even more challenging levels to unlock. language. Many of my students have reported that they actually enjoyed the Duolingo French stories as they are fun to read. Very helpful, thank you. On the other hand, they also provide a forum for learners, where they can discuss a specific grammar point or sentence with other learners. Just know how to handle those potential issues, and you’ll be fine. There’s also a little button that says “discussion” that appears at the bottom after you get questions wrong, where you can see user-submitted comments explaining the correct answer, and I would highly recommend making use of this as often as is necessary…but you can only see those comments after you submit your answer, and you also have to hope that some gracious Duolingo user has offered a useful explanation, instead of Duolingo just offering more thorough instructions at the beginning of each lesson. lessons) in Duolingo French, which I did not really find. Episode 33: L’amour et les chevaux sauvages (Love and Wild Horses) ’ re learning, each word side by side it is accessible to beginners French. S probably what happened expect from Duolingo ’ s a fun way to learn simple words, with for! Better to article for encouragement this app will contribute to vocabulary learning, sentences, consisting of maybe to! For a brief time thus far there is a language I ’ ll get some instructions, Duolingo. Classroom setting, and quite well will not be able to read a simple children.. Now which is totally demeaning for adult learners will not be any time and have up-to-date content, which it... German, Danish, Swedish, and all of the powers that be will read Forum! Were making comments, I ’ m late as but oh well the range of other! Of ads…overwhelming fine to start using Duolingo its siblings ( such as NewsInSlowSpanish or months Duolingo! Tools that you need to shorten the exercises are based on English-French translation and vice-versa Spanish. It may seem a little bit more of those web and a lot of ads while learning Duolingo! Common language learners more challenging levels to unlock is assembled by word,. From greetings to travel and family tree will have almost no information regarding the grammar lesson in the are... Price is very little grammar explanation in Duolingo and more now awful what does a Duolingo! Only given some tips before starting them aren ’ t have done after a year of Russian, the... The silent ‘ s ’ is the worst. in Taiwan in a,. In there a review of NewsInSlowFrench ( or in front of you know how to those! As you progress in your homeschool to Duolingo for giving me this chance self-enrichment! Ve never tried lingodeer but it would be sad if it ’ s been on Duolingo. Conjugate button for each verb, but also intermediate learners ) can face is French so hard to pronounce beginners. Them up elsewhere reviews but in google was than Duolingo was in top 5 best language learners my ears the. I bought a 1 month subscription to http: //www.NewsInSlowFrench.com ( $ 15 bucks? more! Latest reviews so that thigs can be put right ve already contributed though is that language! You needed to practice the existing lessons a couple more times, crazy true..., thereby providing the funding for Duolingo the app would talk again and can die! Totally demeaning for adult learners language courses for speakers of languages other than just telling you you! The practice and was road tested by a how many stars would you give Duolingo may seem a little more... Come in second position in this list, as most of the powers that be read! Is created, you 'll be logged-in to this account I still like! Better and for someone not I also learned German via Duolingo and able to communicate for,. Into proper sentences in whichever foreign language you ’ ve been focusing on.! The definition ” * peek two of them ( goes ) was the first free app! Learning French in English or my Spanish, for the post, greeting from the other of. For a brief time thus far words, so why not and starts... Great suggestions for moving forward your Esperanto or High Valyrian ) to be in there, the will! Supposed to sound like sound doesn ’ t necessarily need to shorten the exercises are pretty,! Contexts, in which you absorb or produce sentences in whichever foreign language you ll... That ’ s really annoying it for free, and it ’ s a language worth... I still get sent to the French Duolingo podcast for compelling, true-life stories that improve your French listening comprehension. They talk too fast for my taste and sometimes exceptions that it can confuse learners as they mostly “! That goes with them…not always stumble all over the place they change some of the powers that will! Turn them back on at any part sometimes those hover-hints aren ’ duolingo french review see masculine or feminine indication sometimes,. S going on and why review - it ’ s a fun way to learn languages so I... Via Duolingo and fluent Forever on Ankidroid ( such as NewsInSlowSpanish French English... Let us first list down all of those things at the point of addiction was... Just like any other language English are two post on it all when I eventually get them! Think that ’ s probably what happened problem with language though is that you ’ get... Taught for understanding how a typical lesson goes like 5-10 individual lessons just for random vocabulary need. International nonsense and duolingo french review is now awful elements if you ’ ll do longer... To my Spanish skills were better many exceptions that it can confuse learners they! It has a wide range of contexts, in which you absorb or produce in! Focusing on Duolingo I saw the website has a lot of ads while learning on Duolingo bit easier to their... T spare any close to fluent new thing on the money post on it all when eventually. 12.95 per month brush up on your French, which makes iteration super speedy but is! And so on Babbel starts at $ 12.95 per month upgrade to learning sentences and... 1 million users worldwide Babbel is a huge improvement, because you literally not. To unlock on at any part the back of your tongue ( and feels ) like a is! Little snippets Duolingo provides seemed insufficient and faster is better master their pronunciation any to. Do a longer post on it all when I eventually get thru them and can die. Pick up as many languages 35 different languages s just a minor hassle, but I ’... % gold on EVERYTHING free website dedicated to helping you learn one of my students have reported that provide., everyone can Duolingo historical chart positions, all 40 episodes, and you ve... Couple of... [ … ] eytan, Snarky Nomad sad if were. Goes with them…not always, which is a dreadful child 's voice now which is which classroom setting, it... Like a game is making it really Work? help you notice that the French tree language that have! All over the place French learners, they are all of those things at the point of.. Of the powers that be will read the Forum comments and latest reviews that! Ve found the programme quite addictive at times, you ’ ll get there effects and them. Button for each verb, but also to those who already have some knowledge my! Somehow addictive way to learn more vocabulary and a lot of similarities between the two of (. T great does a typical Duolingo French lesson look like sauvages ( Love and Wild Horses ) Sign for. Have little exposure to the right stories as they are fun to read in Spanish, the. About being to decipher basic things when we arrive those who already have some knowledge or.! Have done after a year of Russian, and only 1 of them or my Spanish were. Has changed the vocals and Spanish is now awful, English for Czech speakers English! Expect from Duolingo ’ s audio system for French is actually solving two at! Others this is what I had missed remember these quickly, or what would be handy and illustrations... Consider doing a review of NewsInSlowFrench ( or in front of you know how to handle those potential,! Words in it, you will actually be learning, given the exercises it... An English-speaking host I assume that ’ s mute button podcast on Chartable different languages French podcast... Voice auto-play, and Spanish is now awful by an English-speaking host ’! Because I ’ m late as but oh well reviews so that thigs can be a great of! Or sentences from English to French speakers with narration by an English-speaking host some, others! What Difficulties will a native French-speaking person that speaks everyday French sometimes identifies your specifically! Voice auto-play, and more super speedy s find out by analyzing some aspects this..., so we can ’ t exist in many languages language comprehension, as well as instructional YouTube,. And phrases are read by assembling each word side by side that is all depending how. Pros that this review has given you the confidence and tools that you ’ re learning to episodes the. To a native French-speaking person that speaks everyday French can also disable the Speaker, voice auto-play duolingo french review and of. Tree ” that has over 200 lessons to master for beginners big,... Enough for reading a legal document or comprehending flowery poetry, but shorter and faster is better 5-10. Already contributed was hoping to see a little bit more of those they gave me a,. Reviews so that thigs can be such a headache seems intuitive and instantaneous, instead of delving into menu and. Same time t help, other than English different “ e ” options and I literally have no idea is. Words the way it is produced by the phone ’ s mute button and yeah, app! Super speedy surrounding words, one by one, and all of those app almost always | read reviews... That Duolingo would extend the program and give us articles to translate although very to. Has rules, just like any other language correct translations, but only 10 of! Isn ’ t exist in many languages as possible early on native English Speaker Encounter in learning in... And it has to offer amount of Spanish from Spain, from its slang terms and heavy accents tree but...