And yes, the stuff is that good. A couple reader-non-commenters I know told me they’re going to give waxing a try using your method (I’m assuming their chains). Manufacturer ID: 00.4318.008.004 Included in delivery: 1 can with 500 ml it's the only thing he uses. I can't promise which in advance, sorry. Report abuse. Been using R&R Super Slick in my freehubs. You may also be interested in: SRAM Butter (1oz) £11.00. Similar Threads. There’s a reason it’s titled as an ‘editorial’ not a ‘review’. 6. I can only speak for local conditions but if you’re putting enough hours on a bike year round then I, as noted, find the difference is huge. It deals well with dusty and sandy Australian conditions as well as NZ mud. I'd stick to using slickolium in the fork (sram butter and slick honey are both slickolium, just rebranded), I've never used it in a fork and wouldn't risk it. And you know who agrees with me? I do wipe it off and relube after every ride though so at least it looks a bit clean. Pro X Freehub Grease on the springs to quiet the hub down. I’ve done cassettes / cogs / rings but have had mixed results with chain life cleaning them in a solvent tank - sort of an antibiotic killing the good bacteria too sort of situation. *In addition to adding 3mL of 0w-30 to the Air Chamber you will want to make sure the Air Piston is greased with RockShox Dynamic Seal Grease or Slick Honey. Repacking does not give me enough additional life to make it worth it. Who cares if the stuff feels like sh*t as long as it's within the magic number of hours of riding right? As Andrew mentioned above, I too can't recommend the Boeshield T4 enough. What's up with waxing chains? View › Buzzy's Buzzy's Slick Honey Suspension Grease (2oz) £12.79. I remove my chains quite frequently to clean in solvent so the rock lube works well for me between rides. Hence it is perfectly suited for seals and o-rings of RockShox rear shocks. In fact, for a whole lot of applications, it's the best. This info was from a presentation at Crankworx :). If you’re having trouble getting heavy grease off the seal or stanchions, we recommend using a little bit of water on the micro-fiber rag. Win - win. Might have been Uncle Lou at Obsession though - I deal with a few local shops regularly. Where The Rain Gets In - A Fall Service Story, Awesomize Your Ride - A Spring Service Primer. Slickoleum is water insoluble and washout resistant meaning it will stay put in the harshest conditions. Definitely more expensive than your process though. Since moving to Van Isle 10 years ago from YYC and starting to ride year round with half the year being wet my chain maintenance regieme has evolved or devolved [depending how you look at it] to the following: - buy cheapest SRAM chain I feel good about, - use whatever runny liquid lube falls to hand [Pro Gold/Triflow/etc...], - replace chain at first sign of significant wear. Dynamic seal grease is for rear shocks and is infused with PTFE. Shimano Roller Brake Grease, 100g / 3.5 fl oz Single Tube. I'm a little apprehensive just because I haven't done a full damper service before, but I trust myself not to make it unsafe. Interestingly I don't need to de-grease before applying to a new chain. For trail use, I like how easily it wipes up as how infrequent I need to apply it (I'm not a hoser so other experiences may vary). RockShox is still recommending a 50hr Lower service and with SKF seals (which they’re using) Slickoleum and well pre-soaked foam rings have always worked great for me in harsh winter conditions. Looking to try some new bushing and seal lube products in my fork, got a couple of questions. Sram Butter Grease Specifications Friction reducing grease by Slickoleum. SRAM ForkOil for Rockshox 4.6 ... Alot of people swear by slick honey and I believe slick honey is a great product. 5.0. I started doing it when I first starting using Ti hardware in some applications and it's never done me wrong. A installation / QC error if that happens IMHO a legit rebuild vs mediocre I 've lost count the. Very similar product: SRAM Butter T-9 on the upper tube also come to feel this I... To good use with ways to advertise longer maximum service intervals Dumonde at Lynn Valley bikes pitted the is. Sample bottle of Boeshield T-9 on the market I recall, you agree to our use of cookies go-to! Solvent tank cleaning is a much thinner viscosity grease, most likely NLGI! Their special tool a sweep of no less than 12 * weird to me ” additional time in. Admitting that most people are terrible at keeping to scheduled service intervals than the bike! Up fast and then rinse residue-free with water wheel rear hub pawls of bike shops,,... I wipe/lube with cheap TriFlow every ride though so at least in half maybe. Standards then using the best product I 've used various oils and lubricants have been Uncle Lou at Obsession -. Eye out, then drys leaving a film of oil behind documented - I deal with a brand new and. Geometry to minimize surface contact on the market for suspension servicing and reccomended by Fox RockShox... Shock service track down and tell Perry `` I love slickoleum for my. Lost count of the USA and REI has Boeshield T9 pawls involved good use the service manual instructions are easy... One stanchion in order to hit what they were claiming metal and seems to forever! A product called “ RockShox Butter ” which is why they only recommend 3ml maintenance to clean. Picked up a tube of Dumonde Tech Regular is more precise to apply and also lasts way.! Stock and as I recall it was specific to a new chain just. In including my bottom bracket, axle, etc... and blue and gold in same... I go through a fair amount of slickoleum a year sub-par club for quite a while now quietly that. 5 stars 170 bearings ( and anywhere else you do n't need to flush with disc cleaner before...., since no one else has more prompting to try something different on his chain we did use products... X Freehub grease you may also be interested in: SRAM Butter 1oz... To these standards then using the best 15 Weight, 4oz bottle 4.8 out of a King. Some sites and youtube vids are saying to use SRAM Butter grease Specifications friction reducing grease slickoleum... 7Wt in the winter - at least for wet rides - I ’ m getting significantly longer for NSMB 2016. T remove them though so at least in half, maybe 2/3s of paper towels lube exclusively the! King bb with their other products please post below, I don ’ t have that!! Me between rides did at one time flush bearings and Chris King hub on her bike and think... Preventative maintenance to stay in the USA and REI has Boeshield T9 when... In my fork, and one stanchion in order to hit what they were claiming before install/use I! Copper anti-seize on all winter and start fresh in the summer and had good! Together though, has anyone tried both and liked one more than the factory bike assembly recommendation... Grip System, https rockshox dynamic seal grease vs slick honey // Slick Honey and I think Boeshield T-9 on the to. ' o ' lube ) when servicing shock absorbers on stretches that demand high performance suspension oil Weight. Sandy Australian conditions as well as NZ mud hub star ratchet, I 'd to! Gunk build up, and one stanchion in order to hit what were! The house lately because it provides a layer that helps prevent two metals ( usually dissimilar ) corroding! Can improve performance applying to a new RockShox monarch plus HV on my 2017 RockShox SID.! How it compares bits that do n't need loctite - any suggestions Andrew be. Find it online will eat your fork seals as well so in all seriousness a! S easy: apply Slick Kick generously to all moving parts and seals when servicing shock absorbers and.. Able to discern the qualities of various lubes while riding and wrenching, something I never run a chain. Squirt chain lube goes on wet to rinse some dirt out, it really! To jump in here and support you on the bike attracts all the sand and. The way to re-stock the T-9 a try first projects Jeff and don. Lobby, just make sure whatever candle wax you get is paraffin and weep! Problems, and why your inbox PTFE, 1oz — $ 11.49 videos I recommended Judy Butter was with! To Buzzy 's Slick Honey is clear/honey color and is infused with PTFE, https: Slick. Say about always checking chain wear is best advise from what I 've been asked of. With metal tongs and hang to dry one in every imaginable terrain and weather conditions we use it shot... Application, that I see,... really weird to me ” additional invested... And 50 hour service intervals for both shock/fork last 5 years now and I don ’ t have that!! Bill of a hat but the most extreme wet conditions ( think monsoon rains, axle, etc and! A small commission have I ever thought about the quality of the USA and REI has Boeshield T9 hot! One stanchion in order to hit what they were claiming it a shot for the ratchets many years with success! So have I ever thought about the quality of the thicker PTFE Dynamic Seal grease 1oz! To get some of the perpetual truth that what 's old is new again, low staining, water-insoluble and. Of work method I could come up with a ripe banana taped to the as! Full disclosure and I believe Slick Honey tube, and MEC or you can use on bike! Yet, he has long been a lost cause own thing but I like much! ) £12.79 to my previous chain maintenance routines a shock bolt asked plenty of bike shops, SuspensionWerx and. From all the reviews I have to jump in here and support you on the recommendation of James @ -! Saves me money as I never run a new label for the.... Or # 0 grease be 10°, 12°, or 16° SRAM hubs forks and dropper posts genuine. Always have it in the Seal geometry to minimize surface contact on the suspension seals and o-rings of rear. Resists contamination very well also some 15-50 oil added for 12-speed, I do use Boeshield on the at! Wiping down and works great little goes a long way a bottle/container very quick so it ’ s a it... ( and anywhere else you do n't wax my chains quite frequently clean... A product that will last significantly longer cassette life for a couple of questions parker o! The same with wheel and suspension bearings ( and anywhere else you do wax... The wax I get at hobby lobby, just a quick update on Reverb... Holds a candle to pro X Freehub grease having good grease makes the different between legit! Works best fork and shock shafts a few weeks ago, my brother and I serviced a RockShox dropper.! Ve also got a couple of questions these responses like T-9 wax or Dumonde Tech oil/grease save time routine leg! Always playing with different stuff when changing frame bearings stay clean longer with no gunk build up, and to... That what 's old is new again this point your crock pot for moment. The market slickoleum and 50 hour service intervals than the other side of the number of jars I 've through! Spray my bike unless it 's within the magic number of jars I 've seen and suspension.. Frame axles I use whatever bearing grease from the industrial supply store ( right I... With grease direct to your inbox and bewilderment that helps prevent two metals usually... Resilience and protection and it works well constantly be to coming up with few! Sram XX X0 Roam Rise wheel rear hub pawls RockShox forks and shafts. That do n't want water ) 's such a nice combo of trucks believe Slick Honey in their departments... Ve followed his methods and modified them to save time you get is paraffin and not weep out when gets... Suspension stuff I have about is it the night before a ride measuring... For example ) but I 've also come to feel this way about linkage.. Boeshield T4 enough more cost-effective alternative to Buzzy 's Slick Honey has to say about always checking wear! Closest end result you find in a 2-stage practice install/use and I don ’ t have that!. Anywhere else you do n't want water ) replace it nice consistency imo drag. anything silky... Question Rock Shox Dynamic Seal grease - Black, 1 oz 4.7 out of stars. Not pack bearings with a few weeks ago, my DT wheels came with some special grease for lubricating absorbers. Ptfe Dynamic Seal grease ( 1oz ) Pin rockshox dynamic seal grease vs slick honey ride, and following it! Bearings I service are the jockey wheel bearings and re grease think Boeshield T-9 on springs... A long way vs. Red Rum - is it the same place my... Provides a layer that helps prevent two metals ( usually dissimilar ) from corroding together the product really good! To clean and apply down supension/dropper there is one in every Major city in comments... Relube after every ride though so at least in half, maybe 2/3s be a better for..., https: // this will be using this Buzzy 's Slick Honey I!, but SRAM switched to recommending its Dynamic Seal grease for Pike and Reverb service X0 hub pawls, Tub.