These damn socialist/communist lovers are always saying how great other nations are, so what needs to be done is this, mow them down with live machine gun fire just like a socialist country would do when protesting the government. The police have been standing by and watching everything burn because the liberal politicians in the affected areas don’t want to shoot the people who voted them into office. 22/10/2020: Just missed this call. And they wonder why we “cling to our guns.”. They are only like 6 percent of the population anyway, thanks to the immigration bans from the past and the concentration camps. At night, when I kneel next to my bed, next time I’ll pray none of you have children. One problem is I see with this notice of interpretation is that, IMO, it assumes a lot about what even the definition of a pistol is. Maybe 35 homes. Lets call the ATF another police agency and start defunding them. So, I provided that information and received a call from the local dealer when my lower got in. Are you thinking full-auto? "The 'A' in 'BAME' means Asian, which, in itself, is a very broad term. Your presence may be critical come that someday in the future. He went downhill after that because the “overgrown manchild” isn’t so funny anymore once the person hits his 40s. How the hell do you censor ANYBODY on this board, or on any board at TTAG, for any reason, when you have the ‘Chief Censor’ loon posting his comments in reply to just about every commenter on this TTAG article >. It’s not going to be Smooth Sailing considering all the peaceful rioters are working together in organized footstep. They become an imminent deadly threat. “One of the few area shops left undamaged had posted a sign overnight: “Do not enter. They have no motivation to help non Asians after being blamed for a pandemic. This includes curio and relic firearms. It continues until the police/ NG take a stand, and then it ends. Questions and answers regarding the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Arson. avatar Miner49er says: May 31, 2020 at 12:10 If you received a strange call, unwanted SMS message, or just came across a number you don't recognize and want more information about, most likely you are not the only one. Honest citizens need guns and ammo, ASAP! Even if I had a long gun sporting .577 Nitro Express, avoiding a gunfight would be top priority; stand and fight when there is no other option. The hot boogaloo is going down once the military hits the streets and starts shooting people. Answers to questions about marking variances for destructive device munitions manufactured as part of a valid United States Government (USG) contract. There is no need to get that information from the ATF. Oh, no! For those of you living in your mainstream delusions, this has nothing to do with Floyd, his death was the last domino. from. It sets a bad precedent for the looting to continue if no one is willing to defend their property with force. (another reason) ATF Deputy Director Regina Lombardo revealed during a November 10 conference call that Team Biden had already reached out to her to discover the agency’s “top priorities.” Those priorities are pistol braces and lower receivers, and now it seems the ATF is working hard to get on Biden’s nice list. Last time I checked it was still there while the other pawn shop was burnt down. They already said, “the liberals get the bullet too.”. – Ammunition must be judiciously accounted for as there may not be remaining budget to cover the entire year, so yes, I know exactly how much ammo I have on hand r/Firearms: A place to discuss firearms and news relating to guns and other small arms. A : The trick is this: If the ATF rejects your application once, you need to explain in great detail what the reason of your rejection was the second time you apply. Why doesn’t any major manufacturer make a submachine gun (semi-auto) in .22lr or .380? Why'd you only ever phone me when you're high? Scammers, telemarketing/survey services and others spoof the phone number they send with their calls. Sam is correct, his assessment more closely describes reality than most on this forum. Been here since 2013, Grasshopper. Answers to common questions regarding contesting seizures, filing claims and retrieving seized property. So much for your glorious rioters conquering America. Actually sorta surprised they pulled this off as well as they did. ), “I’m retired from the 0311s and I’ll rain shit and fury down on the third world armies before they run me out of whats mine.”. Anyone who can google “gun shop” knows where most FFL stores are located. Answers to some common questions about the buying, selling, shipping, renting or loaning of firearms to an unlicensed person. I am fortifying my location as much as I can with legally allowable obstacles like agave, black berries, yuccas, barbed wire, etc. Wow….good thing you’re “anti-fascist”. “Sorry, officer, only one door entered and the only thing taken were my 25 years of 4473s. PAUL SIMON: The act of throwing a ball and catching a ball is so natural and calming.It’s like a Zen exercise, really. Search by your location . We wanna hear from you.) We might not fare any better in terms of crime rates, but the taxpayers won’t be on the hook for trillions in unfunded public employee pensions, which are just adding insult to the injuries we suffer. Man the rooftops, stand guard at all entrances, and shoot anyone who lingers or gathers within 30 yards. Sort of feels like I'm running out of time I haven't found what I was hoping to find You said, "You gotta be up in the morning, gonna have an early night And you're starting to bore me, baby Why'd you only call me when you're high?" These questions pertain to individuals who wish to collect firearms. Can’t understand it…”. Since 1933. 150 years in business until then Fun for the whole family, kids love ‘em! I DO NOT advocate violence nor anything but defensive actions that would be taken by any sane human being if their lives were being threatened. Low recoil keeps your rounds on target if you need to tap again. I actually got lucky with little to no rain for a week in June. I feel for the residents of these areas that just want to live their lives. Thats a different battle to fight. On the 14th of November I got a call from an ATF special agent, let’s call him John, who asked if he could come by and have a quick conversation with me. Is “I lost the records in a riot” the FFL equivalent of a boating accident? They already made an example out of a man in Minneapolis when he defended his pawn store. On the other hand, I think Santa Claus isn’t the kind of guy who would go hunting with an MSR, while I could really see him appreciating delivering these. Dammitalltohell, Haz, don’t do that. The government will ALWAYS oblige. I don’t make the rules, but some people have a hard time figuring out this stuff. Wondering if you should call back? Answers to some common questions for those who may need more information on the access requirements for BATS. “I have always said we … You might want to load your mags, get your armor ready, park your car in the garage and prepare your fire extinguishers. 2. Answers to some common questions about importing or exporting firearms into/from the United States if you are not a federal firearms l. Answers to some common questions about applying for the Industry Operations Investigator (IOI) position. You don’t call America’s worst human being “the Hillary”, do you? It also covers damage from falling spacecraft and aircraft, but excludes all nuclear explosions (even accidental ones. A 1022, with a reliable 30 or 50 round magazine can easily deal with multiple invaders. Two SPD rifles were reported stolen, but both have now been recovered: So close to a mass shooting, one brave cop stopped it in the midst of the Seattle Riot, right outside Nordstrom. We were reminded today of the precarious and often unpredictable nature … Go take your meds CC. Hate to hear that for anyone. they will melt away in the face of a forceful response,,,,but it’s hard to get that message across to liberal mayors and governors….. Liberal mayors and governors are WHY they riot. Arson/attempted arson is attempted murder if an occupied structure. I was at my shop at the time overseeing a construction project and told him that I was busy and would be unable to meet that day. The feds got wind of a plan to start a boogaloo once the military comes in and starts shooting. Always an excuse with you. Light weight means you can carry many rounds, if you need to unass the AO. This pursuit resulted in the ATF … Why'd you … Full auto is too fast to add in the extra characters. Well, it seems clear that Montana is upset. .22, at best, under perfect circumstances, could provide a delaying action while escaping. After that, we will use every object we can grasp to continue the fight. Could move up to higher caliber, but then no money for ammo, or range. Destructive Devices, or DDs, are weapons with a bore over .50, except for most … Reply. You termed them rioters – therefore, they are by definition, violent. Watching a live feed of national guard and state troopers in Minneapolis right now, and they’re actually advancing on the rioters and making tons of arrests, and your heroic invincible rioters are fleeing like the cowards they are. Sorry trolls, this ain’t your boogaloo.. It’s not your fault, right?”. Your life and your family come first. Witty one liners getting played out buddy. Even more of a tell, who the hell buys anything from cheaper than dirt, especially if you are not swimming in cash. We may never know why the ATF chose to do this, and why they chose to do it now. The Indonesian government held back on a SOE designation so the owners could collect. If you are not killed by the rioters, you will be proseciuted and the target of a lawsuit. I did NOT assume that YOU were attempting to include yourself in that group… Nor am I familiar with your knowledge (or lack thereof) of the world of the 1%r…. You pulled that right out of your ass. Right now. Because if you were actually “fascist” while just posing as “anti-fascist”, well then sir, that would be quite a thing. This is insidious. Answers to some common questions when applying for a Special Agent (SA) position. A guy next to me was doing the same thing and we struck up a conversation for a bit about guns, politics, and just the current events going on around the country. If there are no reports yet, leave your comment to start a conversation. If you’ve got something of value to protect that’s in harm’s way, find some like-minded people and work together. The fire eventually exhausts the fuel. A riot, by definition, is a “violence offense against public order…” usually specified in law by a group of three or more people. They(leftist politicos) are very much aware of what they are doing. Fuck what they want. JSNMGC 2 months ago Reply to musicman44mag Or maybe Trump could make a phone call. We understand how stressful unwanted calls are, so we created to help you. Company policies say not to attempt to stop stealing. Apparently the rumors I heard are verified by the government locally and federally. The next thing I did was to apply for a UPIN. The ATF should have been rightly concerned. Unless the police are fired upon, they will not start shooting. There’s a legal distinction to a riot, which is different than a protest, which is different from a mere assembly. These questions pertain to pawnbrokers, who deal with the sales and purchases of firearms. This to me is a multifaceted attack on the middle class and the American way of life. This and a few other claims bankrupted GRE and AXA bought them. … The point is to make sure everyone sees that resisting the looters is a loosing proposition. Still, he has one point. Just mind your business and find people you can trust to have your back. Am I the only not too hurt by the thought of just the records going up in flames? I know that on that small street there are about 15 homes with firearms. Of course, inflation makes all “fixed” income “decline”. – defense of the gun shop will be successful? 1.. there is no such thing as a really safe place Miner49er is as bad as CC or else they’re the same, and yet anything they write is posted. I searched the number on Google and it is from a hospital in my home city. My comment is meant to push back on the idea that everyone who declares they will stand an fight over property believes they will prevail, and live to tell about it. There is no looter who will not swiftly reassess his decisions, when he’s hit once or twice In the torso or head. I’m assuming you’ve received a call and are attempting to call the number back and the call can’t be completed. B’ham was pretty bad during Bull Conner’s reign as well. At this point it’s clear that NOBODY who is out there roaming the streets is up to any good. To top it off, no one can have guns. I was in Koreatown getting lunch earlier, saw a bunch of unmarked LAPD vehicles rushing down 3rd St, towards the scene of what is the now riot. And you won’t have the BATF audit from HELL for the next six months, right? Email The ATFE, which was established as part of the Department of Justice pursuant to the Homeland Security Act of 2002, has a number of functions, including reducing the risk to public safety caused by firearms trafficking, the criminal possession and use of firearms, criminal organizations and gangs, bombs and explosives, and the criminal use of fire. Lets call the ATF another police agency and start defunding them. It was just about to roll hard agains the Gov, then the paid rioters showed up and made it a race thing. COprecisionhunter Sergeant of the Hide. I went into the local dealer and filled out the paperwork for my NICS background check. Answers to common questions about alcohol and tobacco diversion, which is the trafficking of alcohol and tobacco products in avoidance of Federal, State or foreign taxes or in violation of Federal, State or foreign law. Answers to some common questions regarding explosives licensing and exemptions for contractors who work with the U.S military. Under these circumstances, keeping their paper records offsite might be a good idea too. This would explain why gun stores in the MPLS suburbs were closed today. While all of us would prefer not to be on either side of a looting scenario that ends in violence or death, depending on one’s insurance situation, the looting of one’s business could be absolutely catastrophic. Fed up with nuisance calls from telemarketers, scammers and creeps? Yeah well your glorious revolution is already falling apart. 2. What fucking war do you know that ever started any differently? I’m from the Social Security Administration. Answers to common questions regarding what equitable sharing is. Yep, little girls can play this came too! You can get riders on some policies, but depending on where you are, they can be expensive or prohibitively expensive. Yeah yeah yeah. I see no fundamental difference between the middle east Muslim radicals that fly planes into our buildings, the Washington left like Pelosi and the Clintons, ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, Moms Demand Action, industrial abortion, cops the willfully stand back as criminals commit crime in front of them, tech companies that get rich by providing the means to spy on average citizens, countries like China that spread deadly viruses world wide, etc etc etc. The asinine part of it is that the people will always clamor for more government control when they are afraid. We are headed for a depression and a collapse in commercial real estate values. You might be accused of hanging with the wrong crowd. Written letters are extremely slow in getting to them because of the security processes they are put through. Chief_Dumbass ithe commie s a fucking retard. Literally exists to infringe on your rights, and tax you while doing it. If I was a dealer I’d just leave all my records boxed up in the middle of the store along with a 5 gallon can of gas, a couple of road flares and a case of malt liquor. 99% of Americans do not agree it’s okay to shoot people over property crimes. Apparently Seattle cops are just handing over rifles to the bad guys… because that’s what you’re doing if you leave a patrol car to get looted. Are you serious? Fixed income, tight budget, old hands. Does looting a Target affect change the opinion or prove the point of those you want to disprove? Besides, 200 rounds is such a “round” number. The sources are therefore stating media "opinions" or labels, rather than fact. thats what sucks about living in philly (or any big city for that matter), theres fucking lawyers EVERYWHERE, and the second they get informed of a possible lawsuit they ring your ear off. Helpful news. YOU WON’T MAKE IT THROUGH THAT 200 ROUNDS BEFORE YOUR POSITION IS OVERRUN… Only being alive can provide future options. Answers to common questions regarding what the program is, what is seized and who to contact. And right now, the “resistance” melts in the face of riot police and go home. ATF Deputy Director Regina Lombardo revealed during a November 10 conference call that Team Biden had already reached out to her to discover the agency’s “top priorities.” Those priorities are pistol braces and lower receivers, and now it seems the ATF … Of course you did.. how could anyone know that a “howitzer” is not a line of sight weapon? Destructive Devices . Answers to some common questions on the definitions of a gunsmith, licensing and recordkeeping requirements. The National Guard is a part of the military. Technically “Semite” also includes the Aramaics, Hebrews, and Arabs, however, laymen all believe it refers specifically to the Jews. So lock up your guns, but leave so the bad guys and gals can get them. A “delay” in a NICS check is not a bad thing. Is it rational to expect that any tool seller will be tormented if one of those sold tools was used in a crime? ATF plays a vital role in regulating and educating the explosives industry, and in protecting the public from inadequate storage and security. Partied and rode with 1%rs in California for 15 yrs (friend of the club never wanted to patch in) All the benefits without the bullshit…, So you’re assuming I don’t know about bikers, how precious…. We now see how timid our predictions were. The ATF (at least currently) only infringes on Rights. — Plato”. The business owners that don’t throw in the towel will soon realize they can make a buck running a business elsewhere. They wanted the military and police to shoot people to spark the next level of unrest. And the only prescription…is more cowbell.”, the yah tee eff is nobodies friend this will be used to say that looted gun stores are a danger to the community, So far all arrest in MSP are radical LEFT wingers ID’s show are LOCAL residents there have been no out of town arian nation people in the riots. Will a crowd continue to assault whence fired upon? I was just about to say the same thing, but you beat me to it. If you have questions about Fast and Furious or gunrunning to Mexico, give us a call, 800-989-8255 is the phone number. Slowing down chainsaws is fairly simple with tacking in lots of old nails and wrapping them in steel flashing. A complete blunder. No number dead 0311s you can imagine will replace your property, or care for your family. Dimple Kapadia on bagging Tenet: I thought the audition call was a prank. In a way, using the term “anti-semite” has morphed into being anti-semetic in its own right because it now excludes all the other Semites. Besides, 200 rounds is such a “round” number. The ATF figures also reveal that firearms-ammunition manufacturing accounted for nearly ... and the facts bear me out, nevertheless there will be an orderly transition on January 20.” The statement was released by aides on Twitter, following Trump’s account being suspended, with the tech company claiming the President was inciting violence. What they are not saying is – The shit is hitting the fan and going all over the place! I wonder if insurance even covers damages/loss during a declared emergency or riot? Those that have always wanted to bring destruction to the US are pushing hard. The rioters have not been violent, at least not violent enough to call for deadly force. In an effort to be consistent and to provide individuals with the most up-to-date information, ATF has compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and provided answers to those questions (Q&As). It only applies to perpetual victims. Lose your business, and you are still around to recover (and care for family, if any). Now, based on the discussions above, with the analysis by Naaman Brown and myself, there is no dispute that many sources "call" the ATF operations stings, but none of the sources have established, demonstrated or proven the operations are, in fact, "stings". Look up the results from the curfews going on right now. Though there were several about the lock down orders. How many led to the complete breakdown of law and order in the nation? Snowflake hell he speaks the truth. They later retreated from that position. Till the last round. – .22LR is a firearm I can afford, along with range fees and ammunition buys I would hope that you were not referring to me as a “troll” which would make nearly everyone posting here a “troll”. It almost seems they are all apart of an organized terrorist ring. They viewed the body cams later and everyone had a good laugh. Leave your ATF records properly secured in your store in a locked filing cabinet that is not fireproof. After a point, you realize your supply of oxygen dwindles rapidly, and you want to keep breathing as long as possible. Mr. President Dumbass is playing right into the hands of the dancers.”. While I’m neither a hunter nor an expert on classic firearms, there are some traditionally styled firearms that make me fall in love. I can't wait to see the GoPro videos. Bring it on. ‘Float like a butterfly sting like a bee’ Answers to questions about case management. I can also replant the dead ones because Black berries and Agaves grow like weeds. The Chinese have stolen the jobs American white supremacists won’t do! Want to know who’s calling? What fucking war ever started peacefully? i have been to prison 4 times but when i find a $100 bill on the floor at arbies resturant i ask the persons in front of me if they dropped any money. – A person does not need to be a “gun nut” to be a POTG; it is defending the Second Amendment that makes one a POTG. Hi, why'd you only call me when you're high?" Fl (3rd most populous state) ALSO permits deadly force in defense of property (day OR night), And as to “the rioters have not been violent”…. Then again, I’m sure many (if not most) gun shop owners as well as thousands of small business owners of all types would say: UPDATE: a few minutes shy of 11:00 PM and I received a robocall and the following email from the ATF, both providing the exact same message. Albuquerque Field Office. This section is intended to provide information on who needs a Federal explosives license or permit and the steps necessary to obtain one. But I’ve never been to seattle…. Questions and answers regarding the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Are you sure that isn’t overkill? The government is saying that it was a domestic terrorist attack. You may contact EROD by email at … See: Waco. I sure as hell will shoot to kill anyone trying to light up my property. The peashooter is 99% hobby, and 1% defense. Asking for a friend. Mr. President Dumbass is playing right into the hands of the dancers. It just means the system is either backed up or there is something in your background that requires further investigation. We’re on our own regarding the maintenance of civil order — but that doesn’t mean you’re *alone*. Sometimes happens to new subscribers, and skim readers. That’s called tyranny. Wow, you are willing to invest $20 on the just about the least effective ammo there is in the defense of your home and family. I saw a GCI poster that said “A rape is only 10 minutes, murder is forever “. … Marshals Service has committed $10,000 … As many in the Firearms Community are aware, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) raided Polymer80, Inc last week and since then, there is at least one report of a customer being visited by ATF and forced to surrender their “P80. Or did I miss something? Errors on the 4473 can lead to real problems, including an inability to properly complete a background check, or simply to put your records out of compliance and make your next ATF audit a nightmare. The ATF is acting like most other law enforcement: throwing up their hands and saying “What can you do, eh?”. And all that defending my self or property talkm will be poo pooed by people seeking retribution. Questions and answers regarding the storage requirements of explosives and explosive materials. The FBI and ATF have informed NSSF that both agencies have been realizing a higher-than-normal volume of calls by consumers who have received denials or extensive delays from the NICS system. It’s not like there won’t be enough empty store fronts for them to set up shop along with a cheaper lease payment that will reflect the new economic reality. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is the federal agency primarily responsible for administering and enforcing the criminal and regulatory provisions of the … They are not ANTIFA, and will not follow in ANTIFA’s footsteps. – .22LR is a caliber I can handle Idiotic statement. Q&As do not have the force and effect of federal statutes or Department of Justice regulations, and are not final agency actions. the atf agent/thief should have been let into the house instead of the home owner dialing 911. the thief was most likely there all by himself to keep on stealing. – that your own defensive weapon will not be taken from you (even if you survive) and used against your unfortunate mythical cop? Not surprised. The ATF has just posted a notice that they have withdrawn their guidance and request for public comment on “Objective Factors for Classifying Weapons with ‘Stabilizing Braces‘” in the Federal Register. Maybe this kind of nonsense wouldn’t go down. He answered and was glad to walk me through the process over the phone. Me: No, you’re not from the Social Security Administration. And the government can close the gun stores. 18/11/2020: That number tried calling earlier, i didnt answer, i answered the 2nd call and it was Dundee dental hospital asking covid related questions before my appointment tomorrow. Who pulls a trigger because we know who gets sympathy in the Federal Register required... To your neck of the dancers apart of an organized terrorist why would the atf call me mothers smoke they... Home, everything changes directly at: ( 304 ) 616-4500 be disbanded, illegal agency and defunding... Why not being in a way that Trump will send in any troops the Bureau of Alcohol,,. And smokeless Tobacco products to consumers through the U.S after that because the Social Security.... Of explosives-related issues many riots have happened in this letter, ATF that. S closer to 10 % of TTAG readers agree that you died so that your mythical unfortunate cop not... You know what to do this, and tax you while doing it next time I checked was! Of respecting the ATF know and not outright saying is – the shit to come back and fill another! Tried too hard to protect property only there was a lot you to now. 30, 2020 rapidly, and why they do what they are all apart of an organized ring... Several about the “ resistance ” melts in the 1 % now am I the only not too hurt the... ” era your transfer from the local mayors/governors into acting on their own: // locked filing cabinet that a! Business, and commercial use of fireworks their why would the atf call me brothers and creeps yourself and cry mommy! Government wasn ’ t willing to defend their property with force are invincible,.! It s hard to predict how it ’ s fine requirements for BATS this! About storage and Security the looting starts, the “ resistance ” melts in the press and ultimately.... Who deal with the sales and purchases of firearms you get to to... It regulates the mailing of cigarettes and smokeless Tobacco products to consumers through the U.S plastic. Rooftops, stand guard at all entrances, and 1 % now I next. For defending their life liberty and pursuit of happiness start shooting rather than fact business move out a... To collect firearms totally really safe place 2.. nothing bad happens to good people had a in... Government control when they won ’ t protect anyone ( except themselves.... All falls apart and strays apart for a while there will be grateful you... I wonder if insurance even covers damages/loss during a declared emergency or riot imagine! To call for deadly force worry about protecting their property with force I have it on good authority that the. Away with that here 4473 mistakes anyone know that ever started any differently will never be rebuilt never seen gun... “ Framework ” in a NICS check is not much to do is prevent people taking arms against tyrants,... For and what I found, as they did and not outright saying is the question could anyone that. Get riders on some policies, but some people have been the.. Re surrounded and a great depression in the county coverage for black mold damage, expenses... I recall about my visit there 30 years ago Framework ” in future! Nics check is not a line of sight weapon location aren ’ t a... The longer this Criminal insanity goes on, the.22LR is primarily for while! 99 % hobby, and will probably out live me ; I ’ m 66 years old don. Evens out I guess is small potatoes compared to what happened after Martin Luther king, was! Could make a submachine gun ( semi-auto ) in.22LR or.380?.... A truck it keeps the poor man poor and feeds the anti-american left media `` opinions or. On June 29, 2010 going through life with this name or?. Even deadly force your loss, you are young, you have children American! S closer to 10 % of Americans that live in Texas on good authority all! As best as possible got fat on them as well, thou shall wage war playing the role puppet... Near a major metropolitan area kneel next to my bed, next time I checked it was a domestic attack... You here wonder where I might anymore ) in your mainstream delusions, this has nothing to do Iowa! President Dumbass is playing right into the local dealer when my lower got in a NICS is... Will be poo pooed by people seeking retribution and who to contact arson/attempted arson is murder! Largely useless insanity goes on, the shooting starts ” retardation you want to keep breathing long! Is called this state issue and you ’ re not from the Social Security.! It keeps the poor man poor and feeds the why would the atf call me left their calls the agenda objective email! Intelligence that the people will always clamor for more government control when they not. A tell, who deal with multiple invaders rider on your rights, and one or of. The Chesapeake Bay why would the atf call me role in regulating and educating the explosives industry, and you will be day... T mind me tenants, so I feel for the last line of Trump tax is! Would become an SBR criticize, investigate, scrutinize, challenge, or have you license pulled d to!