Each year our union is required, by law, to file several financial reports. A virus that can, and will, kill your loved ones.I implore the US of fucking A to remove your head from your asses, and comprehend that the time for politics is over. That was the Mayor’s. Since September they said absolutely no classrooms without windows or mechanical ventilation were permissible. This is a forced humiliation that needs to be answered. I just updated it and it's right to the UFT safety page. But, with an increasing number of hurdles to cross, the United Federation of Teachers is concerned for the health of their members and students. Mulgrew taught 12 years at William E. Grady HS in Brooklyn, where he was chapter leader. Please call the UFT at 212-331-6311 if you have any questions and concerns. from the Staten Island Supreme Court, has determined that an action can go Episode 10-June 3, 2020. United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew Dec. 28 called for the city to address problems plaguing the mandatory COVID testing of students and staff before it considers reopening middle- and high schools. Minutes—approved via email. This morning I received an email from you informing me—and the other 77,000 or so UFT members—that you unilaterally agreed to drastic changes of our working conditions. NYC CONTACT TRACER SAYS OPENING SCHOOLS LED TO COV... SIGN THE PETITION TO KEEP NYC SCHOOL BUILDINGS CLOSED. MULGREW EMAIL Dear _____, We have reached an agreement with City Hall and the Department of Education that meets our demand that the safety of our school communities must come first. Another uft failure. Uft says it is good as they stay home. The threat came after United Federation of Teachers Michael Mulgrew revealed that 16 city teachers have tested positive for COVID … Yes. It raised pay and longevities, extended due process rights to paraprofessionals and expanded the authority of school-based UFT consultation committees. He has championed women running for public office and challenged educators to “Stand Up and Run” at the 2019 Spring Educational Conference. Prove them wrong. Families are in the dark and there are serious capacity concerns with labs NYC is using for school tests. Mulgrew said the union will send out an email to all of its members on Sunday to develop a list of who wants the vaccine immediately, prioritizing personnel with a current in-school assignment. It's all good in the schools according to the UFT President. Opt outers please start your own blog. As the pandemic brings economic devastation to our communities, UFT members are helping to bring hope. UFT vaccine program takes off 'with flying colors' By the sixth day of the UFT program to accelerate distribution of the vaccine to its members, 8,000 members had been matched with a health care provider with available vaccine. The form, called an LM-2, is available. Mulgrew in 2017 worked with the Municipal Labor Committee to secure health savings for members and the continuation of no health care premiums. Not a democrat. The latest from UFT President Mulgrew to chapter leaders and delegates on ventilation. forwa... May an action alleging that the State’s teacher disciplinary rules and layoff provisions deprive students of a quality education survive motions to dismiss and be permitted to go to trial? See our FAQ on safety for more detailed information and guidance on ventilation. Every opt outer is one less opposition voter. Preliminary results showed Mulgrew, the Unity Caucus candidate, winning 76% of the about 53,000 ballots cast. In November 2017, Mulgrew joined more than 7,000 members in a successful campaign for paid parental leave for UFT-represented employees. Under Mulgrew’s leadership, the union won two landmark contracts. People need to vote him out or form a better union that is what has to happen next - Hawk. June 3, 2016 UFT President Michael Mulgrew By Steven Wishnia and Neal Tepel. Worked hard for related service providers, reversed mandate for tele therapy. UFT SOLIDARITY STEPS UP TO LEAD AS MULGREW SENDS EMAIL ON VENTILATION VIDEO; SHOWDOWN OVER OPENING SCHOOLS IN CHICAGO. He is a vice president of the American Federation of Teachers; an executive board member of New York State United Teachers; a member of both the executive council of the New York State AFL-CIO and the executive board of the New York City Central Labor Council; and executive vice chairman of the city’s Municipal Labor Committee. UFT President Michael Mulgrew joins two of the union’s Albert Shanker Scholarship winners to talk about their experiences with remote learning, their future plans and social activism during the pandemic. 5:50 Roll Call 6 PM Secretary LeRoy Barr welcomes us. UFT President Michael Mulgrew announced Sunday that the union had reached an agreement with major healthcare systems to expand the access of eligible UFT … ", From EPA Website: Air cleaners and HVAC filters in Offices, Schools, and Commercial Buildings - "Air cleaning may be useful when used along with source control and ventilation, but it is not a substitute for either method. New York, NY – United Federation of Teachers members have re-elected President Michael Mulgrew to a third three-year term, the union announced May 27. All teachers, even the ones working remotely, should be protesting in front of City Hall and 52 Broadway. He has been president since July 2009. DeBlasio and Mulgrew think all teachers are sheep, cowards and stupid. Sincerely, Michael Mulgrew, UFT President He also championed the Positive Learning Collaborative student discipline initiative, which shifts away from punitive action, replacing it with restorative practices that can change school climate and individual behaviors. If the link didn't work and I already got two comments on opting out, I'm thinking more and more that some of the opt-out folks don't even read all of the posts or look at the necessary video for this posting.I seriously do not have the time to respond to the same comments over and over but if the opposition to Unity gets its act together and people organize in schools for the 2022 election, it can change.