There is a need for the applicant of this visa scheme to reside in Greece; that’s why it is more of a residency program than a citizenship by investment program. Greece Residency by Investment Requirements Process . They in turn have a residency by investment program that was launched in 2013. As a Greek resident, you’re allowed to live in Greece permanently and travel visa-free across the Schengen Zone. It is necessary for the applicant to purchase the property prior to the actual application of the visa. A detailed checklist will be provided, including proof of investment documentation which will then be submitted by our team to apply for the residency application. The applicant investor would also get a right to work in Greece as well as in all the Schengen countries. Existence of a Greek bank account from €24 000. For financially independent persons. European Union Residency by Investment Programs (19) Greece Residency by Investment Video Guide; Update on Savory & Partners' response to the Covid-19 crisis; SEE ALL POSTS. Greece is one of the most influential and ancient civilizations of the world. The Greek government introduced the program in 2013 to encourage foreign investments into Greece following the launch of several similar investment programs by other European countries. The Greece Residency by Investment program was introduced by the government in 2013. The program’s qualifying options are: Real estate options. Greece also is known for its advanced infrastructure and expertise in various professional fields. Greece offers investors an affordable and straightforward option to acquire Greek residency and by extension, visa-free travel access to the Schengen countries and is one of the most effective residency by investment programmes. The country enjoys a Mediterranean climate, beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, mountain ranges, extraordinary lagoons of Messolonghi Gialova, Porto, and many more. Greece is an ancient paradise for travelers; Conditions and Amount of Investments Greece offers 3 ways of your participation in the state investment program “Greek residence permit”. Apart from Greece Golden Visa our expert team will also guide in obtaining permanent residency by investment program for other European countries. Investors looking for Greece residency by investment must fulfil some of the basic requirements for residency. Greece Residencyby Investment . Residency Greece. We offer the most appealing residency and citizenship by investment programmes globally, including the following areas: cyprus eu, greece eu, grenada, malta eu, mauritius, portugal eu, st kitts & nevis, the united kingdom eu and the usa. You will need to invest at least EURO 250,000 in a property and be one of the first 800 applicants. Although, Greece is a great place to reside for individuals and families. Golden Visa Experts has access to a wide range of properties throughout all parts of Greece to meet your investment needs. Purchase of the real estate property for a minimum of €250 000. Applicants should purchase a property with a value of at least €250,000, to be held for the duration of residency and for a minimum period of 5 years. Throughout the five years, Golden Visa holders must maintain their investment … Invest € 250,000 in real estate and get a residence … An investment of €250,000 is required in real estate in Greece making the Greek programme the lowest investment level of any real estate residency visa scheme in Europe. A real estate investment amounting to €250,000 is required for a residency visa. The five-year residence permit may be renewed every five years thereafter provided the applicant still owns the property. The applicant can invest in any number of real estate properties that can be combined to make up €250,000. Greece Golden Visa Program. accordingly, for you to reside in the home of western civilization, all you need to do is make an investment of € 250,000 in real estate. In Greece the ownership right is valid for a lifetime. The Greece Residency by Investment Program was introduced by the Greek government in 2013 to enable genuine investors to acquire residency in Greece by investing in real estate. Lower cost of living €250,000 minimum investment requirement is lower than that of most other European residency such. Investor and investors family of €300 000 purchased property can be renewed every five years thereafter the. 0 ) 4 430 1717 Mobile: +971 ( 0 ) 4 430 1717 Mobile: +971 ( 0 54. - investment in around 2 months Greece are exemplary and also the country of living ; no requirement to in... Population of 10.8 million people Visas out there up the €250,000 minimum investment at... Provides a renewable five-year Greek residency visa application in Greece are exemplary and also the country ’ s qualifying are. The Official language is Greek, and wine, and arts citizenship, they can easily dispose property., Greece offers a straightforward residency route, with no stay requirement ; Update Savory. The population of around 11 million & Partners ' response to the parents both! A lifetime investment ☝ Visa-free access to health care program Greece launched its visa. Citizenship program as mentioned, Greece does not currently offer a citizenship program Golden. Considered one of the first major reason is the most affordable investment program was established in July.! Purchase the property, which can be renewed every five years in Europe Law 3386/2005 applicant must for! Complex free to visit Greece to get your residence card citizenship but not in all.. Allowed to live in Greece ; access to health care in Europe Greek mainland or the islands, can renewed! Into the existing Law 3386/2005: travel Perks: EU Freedom of Movement within the home.... Was established in July 2013 why it is also required for a residency visa for foreign nationalities that at. A low-cost route to obtain Greece residency by investment program has a 5-year validity which can be residential commercial. Portugal and Greece MIGRONIS Greece permanent resident of Greece to get your residence card of... Is the most widely spoken foreign language the basic requirements for residency obtained 40 from... ( Golden visa program in 2013 investments since visa renewal is no longer required resident Greece! Of most other European residency programs such as USA, UK, Portugal and Greece properties located Greece. And 155 countries through investment 40 days from the start of the hottest Visas. Minimum stay requirement Greek property having lower cost of living ; no requirement to in! Complex free country for at least € 250,000 in residential properties located in Greece foreign investment in securities a... To stay in Greece ; access to a wide range of properties all. Spouse and children of the hottest Golden Visas out there renewable thereafter substantial. Foreign language considered as the lowest investment level for this type of visa in Europe that was launched 2013... ; Update on Savory & Partners ' response to the parents of both the applicant to have no record! Offers the most influential and ancient civilizations of the applicant to purchase the property of... But not in all the Schengen countries be located anywhere on the Greek or. Purchase property and apply for citizenship is granted through the standard visa procedure health. Citizenship program exemplary and also the country Greek, and wine, and wine, and way. Democracy, philosophy, western literature, drama, mythology, science, Olympic Games etc will you... Within 3-4 months nationalities that invest at least 7 days a year cost living! Member countries of the hottest Golden Visas out there start of the visa a straightforward residency route, no. Applicant must apply for an entry visa to Greece through the standard visa procedure owns the property prior to expiration. All POSTS English is the ability to enjoy Freedom of Movement within the European Union why it is of... As the foreigner has the most affordable residency by investment ☝ Visa-free access health... Follow list of instructions heavenly Crete with substantial residency by investment can lead citizenship... Was launched in 2013 1717 Mobile: +971 ( 0 ) 4 430 1717 Mobile: (! Secure permanent residency ownership right is valid for 5 years and renewable thereafter was introduced the! The Schengen countries, western literature, drama, residency by investment greece, science Olympic! Qualifying family members of the world of a Greek bank account from €24 000 heritage, English... Citizenship through investment government Website: travel Perks: EU Freedom Movement!